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Fun Animal Facts
Want to know more about
 the animal Kingdom?
Spend some time reading these articles and you will learn trivia and interesting facts about animals.

Canadian Wildlife Federation 

Links for teaching all about
     Space and Planets 

     Space Math @ Nasa   
Planet songs
Kid sites on plantets

Nine planets for kids 
Welcome to the Planets
Canadian Space Agency
Teaching  about insects,
 their habitats & life cycles. 
Bug Bios
Cool Bug Stuff
Sci 4 kids
Wonderful World of Insects
Keep a Bug as a Pet
Studying Insects Indoors
Bug Identification

Other Science Fun

Make you own
Weather Station
pdf download

Easy Sundial lesson
How a Plane Flies
Kids Corner Animals

Force and Motion
Push and Pull Forces
Worksheets &
Lesson Plans

Making Things Move
(power sources)

Building Structures
Building Big
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Watch, Know, Learn
Safety Activites for Kids
BC Pdf Social Studies
Stop Bullying Worksheets
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Kids Atlas

All About Canada

Links & Resources to
 teach about Canada.
Canadian Encyclopedia

Trip Across Canada

Canadian History and Geography
K-12 Study Canada
Exploring Canada
BC Farms
  Proud Canadian Kids
  Canada's Initial Inhabitants
 History Lessons
  Flags of Canada
    Canadian Trees
  Canada Day Bird Craft
  More Canada Crafts
Our Canadian Girl
Canadian Aboriginal History

National Aboriginal Day
Pdf activity book

A History of First Nations
 in the Fraser River Basin
Pdf book

Voyageur Lesson
AAA Math
The Math Page
 Learn Multiplication

Easy and Fast

Free  Printable Worksheets
for Multiplication

Math Games
Teach the Children Math
Math worksheets

Math Frog
Grades 4 to 6

Math is Fun
K to 6

Discovery Education

Math Printables

Algebra Basics
Excellent Site

Catch Ten Game

Timez Game Free
Check this game out!
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Childrens Health Canada

How the Body Works

Healthy Teeth

About Kids Health

Food Calories

Calorie Counter

Food Tracker
... about alcohol and other drugs

Kids Psych
Interactive Web
Adventure for Kids

   Language Arts


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Star Fall

Enchanted Learning

Instructor Web

Printable  Paper

Learn to Type
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The Dolch Kit

Education World

Sign Language for kids

Ready Set Learn

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Main Idea

Alien Scavernger Hunt

2010 Olympics Back To the Top
Free printable worksheets

Once you get to this site you have to scroll down to see the printable worksheets
Teacher Vision
Some free printables otherwise you have to subscribe.
With Glowing Hearts
This is a Canadian site and gives you a great links to Olympic School programs and lessons
Best  Free
Olympic Events
Home Eco nomics  

Below are links for      
great teaching
about Cooking with  kids, safety in the
Kitchen and everyday
duties that make a
Home work.

Cooking With Kids

Zoom Cooking Chemistry
        Holidays and Seasons      

Flowers of the Month
coloring pages

Click on month and right click on picture and print picture.
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct,
Nov, Dec.

Canada Day
Summer foods videos
Summer Crafts
Thanks Giving
The North Pole
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Pop Up Book Making
Paper Engineering Career
Elementary Art lessons
String Art Patterns
All About Art

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Make a Face


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Art Lesson Plans
Lesson Planet helps art teachers quickly find teacher-reviewed online art lesson plans and worksheets.
Art Projects for Kids

 All About Recycling

Kids Footprint lessons

Environmental education
lesson plans

Bobby Bigfoot for kids

Don't forget to check
out Joeji's

Earth care Lessons
for other great ideas.
    French for Kids          
BC curriculum
French as a Second Language with
      M. Renaud   

Verb to Verb
Never forget a verb again    

French Grammar Tool
Just enter your french text and click the button and it will fix it for you.

Learn French Video
Learn French online
in a fast, fun and easy way with video and audio podcast lessons
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           Below are some other links I found that are usefull but I have not organized yet. So browse and enjoy...
Teaching Organics Show Tell and Share  Old Radio Show stories that help exercise children's listening skills
This  drawing software  is free for kids ages 3 to 12. It is great and simple to use.  Below is an example I created with Windows Movie maker with the drawings of a story my daughter made with Tux program.
  Free Tux
Drawing software

Disecting an
Owl Pellet

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