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Vermi Composting 98 Activities pdf
Vermi worm Composting pdf  
Worm Hotel project pdf
How long until Dirt pdf
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One Million
Acts Of Green

When we all do one act,
We act as one,
and help the planet.
See how you can help.
Record your act of Green.
Read more..

Earthcare Canada

Environmental Quizzes, Handouts, Activities & Lessons
Download and sample the following energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction lesson plans and activities.

Kids be green site

Play 3r's Most Extreme Challenge game.
Chech out the
Kids Fact sheet
for great activities for Composting.

Metro Vancouver's Sustainability Framework envisages a zero waste region – no waste, only resources. Currently, residents and business recycle just over half of the 3.5 million tonnes of garbage, or solid waste, created in the region each year.

Product Care operates more than 100 depots across the province where consumers may return leftover paint including 40 depots where consumers may also dispose of flammables, gasoline and pesticides. There is no charge to drop off leftovers that are accepted by the program.

This is a website to help you find information on how to correctly dispose of things. First choose your location and then find what you're trying to get rid of on the list. We'll tell you whether it can go out with the trash, in your blue box, to a charity or if it needs special attention.

Electronics Material Exchange

 List your used electonics and
find out what is acceped and
what is not.
View what others have listed and
Find out tips on Erasing your hard before recycling.
Greater Vancouver
Garbage & Recycling

Where and What to Recyle in BC

Lesson Plan Themes

Great coloring book for kids

Make a Difference
You have the power to make the Earth a better place because of what you buy.
This is very encouraging site. It will impact you and show you how our youth are inspired and inspiring all of us to make a consious effort to be aware of our everyday actions.
Make sure you read about
our own BC young
Green Inventor

Other Great Links

Envirnment Canada Kids Zone
Waste Free Lunches
Ever Green
Eco Kids
Waste Reduction Week Canada
We Conserve
Earth Day Canada
CPaws Education Resources
Wastech transfer stations

One Million Acts OF Green web site

to see
what one single act
you can do to help
make Canada's footprint

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One million Acts of green Video

Green Street
Green Street offers a safe and friendly place for students and teachers, classrooms and communities, to inspire and involve one another in creative and hopeful activities to imagine and build a future we can all look forward to.
Vermi worm Composting pdf